How Clearly Contacts grew to what it is today

It was an industry that many thought would not make it’s way online , however the purchasing of contacts and prescription glasses has hit the mainstream with many people know looking online for their purchases of these products.

This drive has been spear headed by companies such as Clearly Contacts who have a huge online presence and growing customer base.

Started by Roger Hardy, Clearly Contacts was his way of over coming the over the top prices paid for contact lenses. In some instances, there would mark ups of over 500%. He worked in the industry and knew exactly how much retailers charged and knew he could do it better and cheaper.

The company was founded in Vancouver in 2000 and since then has expanded world wide in a number of different forms. The company has had huge growth year on year and doesn’t look like slowing down.

They have succeeded by offering customers great prices on brand name products and giving consumers great deals on their products with a Clearly Contacts coupon.

Leica releases the T-Series of cameras

One of the most popular brands in the high end digital camera space is Leica. Leica is well known for their well built cameras which are high in quality and equally high in price. The company has always been innovative but have taken it a step further with their amazing T series range of cameras.

The T series has a beautiful brushed aluminium look body with a very solid feel, as if it was carved from a piece of sold metal. There are two dials available which allow you to adjust the exposure and it feels like there aren’t that many controls on it making it strikingly clean.

The camera has a huge touch screen and ergonomic design grip. It is designed for simplicity and it achieves that goal. Some professional shooters may feel it does not have enough settings but the quality of the photos tells us otherwise.

The camera will come with two lens options on launch being a walk around lens which is 18-56mm and a 32mm portrait type lens.


Our analysis of Weight Watchers

There are many weight loss programs out there but very few have had the longevity that Weight Watchers has. Weight Watchers has been around for over 50 years and although it has evolved in that time, it does indicate that it must have a good degree of success to last this long.

Weight Watchers is all about a good controlled diet along with exercise and support. Support is a relatively unique and ensures you don’t feel alone and without help during your weight loss regime. This help is what makes the Weight Watchers program a success for those that participate in it.

The programs interest concept is that they let you eat whatever you want, but not too much of it. You are actually given a number of food points each day. Each food has a different number of points allocated to it based on it’s ingredients (eg. sugar / carb content). The program also lets you eat an unlimited amount of fruit and vegetables.

To get started on a Weight Watchers program, you can begin a 14 day Weight Watchers free trial to get a fee for it.

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